Europa will primarily employ the new Mistika systems [pictured] for 2D projects, but they can be upgraded to Stereo 3D or High Frame Rate (HFR) if required.

Swedish post house Europa Sound & Vision has purchased three Mistika systems.

One of the Mistika systems will be used for high-end colour grading, the second for real-time compositing, online finishing and DCP creation and the third is a Mistika Assist workstation. All share a 96TB SGO SAN in a collaborative workflow environment.

Europa will primarily employ the new systems for 2D projects, but they can be upgraded to Stereo 3D or High Frame Rate (HFR) if required.

Mattias Segnestam, Europa’s COO commented: “We realised that for our expansion into picture post production, Mistika is the best creative system available, combined with superior workflow, to meet all our needs. Mistika is an outstanding enhancement to our facility and it will be the very centre of our pipeline. Our creativity will definitely benefit from using Mistika for colour grading and high-end finishing project work. It is the solution we have been looking for and is definitely unrivalled, unique, but at the same time compatible with other systems, which is a distinct advantage.”

“The relationship with SGO was also a very important part of our decision to build an infrastructure around Mistika,” continued Segnestam. “The team at all levels demonstrated their total commitment and passion for delivering great technology and an outstanding customer experience, which was confirmed, when speaking to other Mistika customers across the globe. Mistika clearly performs extremely well now but it is vital to work with a company that is constantly developing and innovating so that we can provide long term future-proof solutions for our customers.”

SGO’s director of global sales & operations, Geoff Mills, added: “Due to the rapid expansion in digital acquisitions, it is a perfect time for Europa to put Mistika at the heart of their new post production facilities. We look forward to building on an already excellent relationship as Mistika is used from on-set through to final finishing and delivery.”