Running alongside the European Film Forum (Nov 18-19) at Tallinn’s Black Nights Film Festival, a showcase of product demonstrations and start-ups were presented in the Digitech section further iterating a cross-over between the film and technology sectors. 


Highlights included: 


  • Criffin offers affordable motion capture through full body sensory tracking devices that can fit into a bag. Currently in the development phase, the eventual finished product will cost several thousand euros compared to the current tens of thousands of euros most other motion capture products costs.  

  • Recruitment opportunities within technology and film are pulled together on the Zerply website. From animators to sculptors - companies from around the world advertise for film, gaming and VR jobs. 

  • The APMS software system allows users to exchange and synchronise project data. The state-of-the-art film and media production system is operated with the support of the European MEDIA programme. 

  • Fundwise is the first equity crowdfunding platform used primarily across the Estonia and Baltic states - though VCs from across the globe are getting involved. Products open for investment include games and electric bicycles. 

  • Estonia’s groundbreaking digital identity scheme was powered by the e-Residency team that also offers location - independent business online. 


  • Digital Sputnik provides different lighting, camera and post-production modules that are made affordable and easy to pack up and go. Films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert and Ghost in the Shell use the different ‘all-in-one’ production kits. 

  • Sensition is a small camera device that helps keep the picture in focus.  

  • Hybe offer a news service and content discovery platform. 

  • Deekit - a virtual online white board that lets users scribble and save for personal fun or for work purposes.  

  • Overall - ProShop and Rent Overall is a service company focused on providing and developing output, digital archiving and digital photography solutions.