Technicolor has revealed plans to close its Pinewood film lab as the TV and film industries shift further towards digital acquisition and distribution.

Last week, Technicolor emailed post facilities in the UK to inform them of its decision to stop all photochemical activities by the end of May. 

Technicolor is now in consultation with its film services employees.

Approximately 30 staff are likely to be affected by the closure.

A spokesperson for Technicolor told Broadcast the company had done everything in its power to maintain its film operations in the UK.

“However, with uncertainty in a number of areas, including film stock, it is reaching a level which is financially unsustainable.

“Technicolor will remain active in all other spheres of its activities, continuing to service its media and entertainment customers with the highest quality standards of the industry.”

The company had already made moves to deal with dwindling demand for film-related services.

Some 18-months ago Deluxe Laboratories sub-contracted its 35mm and 16mm processing work to Technicolor’s Pinewood facility.

It followed the subcontracting of Technicolor’s North American 35mm bulk printing business to Deluxe.