J2 630 [pictured] is a PC-based touchscreen and will be combined with Vista cinema software in the European chain’s cinemas.

European cinema chain, The Light Cinemas, have rolled out an EPoS solution from Vista Entertainment Solutions and hardware partner J2 Retail Systems in a second venue. J2’s EPoS terminal, the J2 630 is a PC-based touchscreen and will now be combined with Vista cinema software in its cinemas at Neustadt Centrum in Halle, Germany, and in the New Brighton resort in the UK.

Light Cinemas managing director, Keith Pullinger, said: “We use both our ticket offices and our concession counters to sell tickets. We like being able to pole-mount the J2 630s so we can swivel the screens round to let customers select their seats. We aim to make our cinemas a social hub for the whole community and opt for city-centre locations that are easy for drivers and safe for pedestrians to reach. At New Brighton, The Light has quickly become the cinema of choice for people on the Wirral with admissions and turnover 30% above our initial expectations and further growth occurring as the scheme matures.” 

Vista’s Phil Meredith added: “Vista and J2 work together across hundreds of venues for clients such as Vue, Cineworld, Everyman and Apollo. Installing J2s is smooth and fast, which helps new venues come on stream quickly and efficiently. We find the J2 630 a particularly good machine. It’s highly reliable, which enables clients to dispense with fixed maintenance contracts, adding up to a high level of satisfaction and a low cost of ownership.”