EXCLUSIVE: Last time TIFF showcased Korean cinema was in 2002.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) artistic director Cameron Bailey has today announced the 2014 City To City programme will focus on Seoul, South Korea.

“Seoul is one of the most exciting film cities now. There are always new interesting films and directors from a number of different levels from very commercial to arthouse,” said Bailey.

The last time TIFF showcased Korean cinema was in 2002 with programme strand Harvest: South Korean Renaissance.

“There’s obviously been a huge change in those 12 years. Directors like Bong Joon Ho and Park Chan-wook are now working internationally. Anyone who follows international cinema knows Korean filmmakers take challenges and push limits,” said Bailey.

“I think 12 years ago that was still new and we were introducing our audiences to the fact that this was happening. Now they want more and are hungry for what’s new.”

Bailey will be programming eight recent feature films for the section with TIFF programmer Giovanna Fulvi.

“With films like Stoker and Snowpiercer, we’re seeing Korean filmmakers pushing outwards. It’s an interesting moment in Korean cinema and I think there are more to come. We’ll be looking for the next truly global filmmakers coming out of Seoul, too,” he said.