Accelerate will support the animation studio across merchandising development, licensing and IP rights distribution across multiple territories.

South African Triggerfish Animation Studios has announced a partnership with the London-based commercial management firm Accelerate Worldwide.

Accelerate will support the studio across merchandising development, licensing and IP rights distribution across multiple territories. The Accelerate team also aims to increase the Triggerfish profile internationally, including to the Far East, to generate future film work and raise further capital.

Triggerfish, established in Cape Town in 1996, is one of Africa’s largest animation studios. In 2012, its first feature film Zambezia became the top independent release in Israel and has become the widest release South African film ever in Germany and Austria. The film is on its way to becoming one of the highest grossing South African films ever.

The studio is currently concluding its latest 3D animation feature film, Khumba, about a zebra born with only half its stripes.

“It’s great to be working with Accelerate,” said Stuart Forrest [pictured] at Triggerfish. “We have a clear ambition to bring a unique and creative voice from the heart of Africa to audiences around the world and believe that Accelerate’s work faster and smarter approach will help us achieve our growing ambitions. We’ve achieved a great deal in 2012 and with Zambezia, as Africa’s most successful film export and the recent completion of Khumba, we believe that now is the time to take advantage of South Africa’s emerging film and TV future.”

Nimeshh Patel, managing partner at Accelerate Worldwide added: “Triggerfish is an ambitious and exciting studio that is deserving of its current and growing success. Already attracting some of the industry’s best talent it has reached an exciting juncture in its growth - with two feature films now under its belt and growing recognition Internationally. Amongst other things, Accelerate will work alongside this talented team to develop creative distribution strands with major brands in its existing markets and extend its reach within bold new markets such as Korea, the Philippines and Japan.”

Pat Nelson, managing partner at Accelerate Worldwide, commented: “The chance to work strategically with this cutting edge animation studio and bring our expertise to bear is a thrilling opportunity for Accelerate. We are setting out on a long-term journey with Triggerfish that will not only focus on raising additional funds to finance its next slate of films, but will include a number of beneficial new partnerships and new channels to market.”