arctic convy

Source: Lukas Salna

‘The Arctic Convoy’

Signature Entertainment has acquired UK-Ireland distribution rights to TrustNordisk’s Second World War drama The Arctic Convoy, as one of several key territory sales.

Henrik M. Dahlsbakken’s film has also sold to France (The Jokers Film), Portugal (Films4You), former Yugoslavia (Cinemania Group), China (Virtual Cinema/Pumpkin Film), Australia and New Zealand (Palace Films) and Latin America (Gussi).

Inspired by true naval stories from the Second World War, The Arctic Convoy follows ordinary sailors on convoy ships making a dangerous journey through the icy Arctic sea.

The film stars Kon-Tiki and Out Stealing Horses star Tobias Santelmann, and Anders Baasmo. The Arctic Convoy was released in Norway in December, grossing over $3.6m to date. Following its international premiere at Rotterdam, it sold to Magnolia Pictures for the US among other deals.

It is produced by Norwegian firm Fantefilm, the company behind disaster trilogy The North Sea, The Quake and The Wave.

The new deals “certainly underscore the film’s high quality and broad appeal,” said TrustNordisk managing director Susan Wendt.

Dahlsbakken previously directed 2023 biographical drama Munch, horror film Possession and debut feature Returning Home.