UK distributor Vertigo Films is launching an innovative online marketing campaign to coincide with the UK release of Gareth Edwards’ Monsters on Friday

Vertigo has enlisted the help of digital agency Think Jam and cinema chains Cineworld and Vue, to come up with a social media campaign for Monsters across Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

As part of the campaign, which is being financed through the UKFC’s fund for digital innovation in film distribution, audiences will be given the chance to get involved in the story theme of the film and ‘infect’ five of each cinema operator’s major city locations.

They will then be encouraged to seek out “infected zones” across the UK, such as bars or shops, in return for being able to gain access to exclusive clips and prizes as well as discounted entry to the film.

The debut feature of Gareth Edwards, Monsters explores a world where a NASA probe, which was carrying samples, crash-landed in Central America.  Soon after, new life forms began to appear there and half of Mexico becomes quarantined as an ‘infected zone’.

Vertigo Films MD Rupert Preston said: “For a film which is really innovative, we needed an online marketing campaign which was equally as creative and engaging. By utilising Foursquare with our key cinema partners we have been able to really connect with a smart social media audience.”