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UK producers organisation Pact has called a summit of streamers, broadcasters and indies next week to discuss the ramifications of Bectu’s rejection of its drama agreement offer.

The PSBs and Sky are among the guests invited to the forum to discuss what will happen when the current agreement runs out on September 1.

It follows Bectu’s rejection of Pact’s offer earlier this week, claiming a “lack of detail and clarity” surrounding the producer body’s proposals to improve working conditions on sub-£7m per-hour scripted genres.

Pact’s deputy chief exec and director of business affairs, Max Rumney, said independent producers cannot resolve the problem on their own.

“If Bectu’s priority is now to address the work-life balance, the question is how that can be funded,” he said. “It will require a broader look at the financing and scheduling of production, and not simply a revision of terms and conditions alone.”

Bectu sent counterproposals to Pact this week including renewed demands for no weekend working without crew approval and no overtime without crew approval, along with some points it has requested are clarified.

Rumney said: “Heads of production are clear that demands such as no weekend working without crew approval and no overtime without crew approval will damage the ability to schedule and, in some cases, make it impossible to produce within budgets agreed.

“Historically, the rates of pay in the sector reflected recognition of the need for some antisocial hours due to factors including the availability of locations and actors.”

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