UK broadcasters have begun changing their schedules to celebrate the work of Robin Williams, the US actor and comedian who has died at the age of 63.

Sky’s director of entertainment channels Stuart Murphy said he and colleagues had spent the morning discussing the Good Will Hunting star after news broke of his death broke on Monday night.

Sky 1 will air Jumanji at 8pm this evening, while Awakenings will be scheduled at 10pm. This will replace episodes of Modern Family, a repeat of An Idiot Abroad and an episode of Glee.

Sky Movies will also line up other Williams films, including Dead Poets Society, Hook and Mrs Doubtfire as well as features in which the comedian had supporting roles such as Night At The Museum and The Butler.

Murphy hinted that there may be further coverage. “We have all been talking about #RobinWilliams today at work. Total genius. Looking to see what else we can get on air for viewers asap,” he tweeted.

Elsewhere, BBC1 is planning on showing Williams’ Oscar-winning performance in Good Will Hunting at 10.35pm on Thursday, replacing Motorway Cops.

BBC2 will show Insomnia on 23 August at 11pm, while there are no current plans for BBC3 and BBC4.

Channel 4 has committed to showing a “full-length” obituary on the actor in its 7pm news bulletin, while its presenters, including Matt Frei, have been blogging about his work.

ITV has no current plans to air any of Williams’ work, although it has carried news coverage and content on Good Morning Britain and This Morning.