UtopiaBook aims to facilitate the sharing of talent in the VFX global community.

Stockholm-based recruitment agency UtopiaPeople, led by co-founder/CTO Stefan Ström and co-founder/CFO Hanna Kallin, has launched a new global VFX talent resource.

UtopiaBook [pictured] aims to facilitate the sharing of talent in the VFX global community and is a cloud-based system that works simultaneously as a booking tool, as well as a management and organisational hub. The system gives clients direct access to one of the largest databases of VFX talent in the world, allowing them to hire entire departments within hours.

The system continuously introduces new talent into the database, aiming to help encourage creativity while exposing more individuals to a wider range of opportunities.

Ström commented: “The idea came after several years of recruiting for the film and VFX industry. And having successfully recruited in over 30 countries, we clearly saw ways that we could improve how our clients found their talent and significantly cut the time and money they spend on finding them quickly and effectively.”

“Few companies have the resources to build a system like this; a system built entirely for the digital and post-production community that’s completely white-labeled. The system also allows members the ability to import all existing contact lists, which removes the need to double-up on effort,” added Kallin.

UtopiaBook has already signed 25 clients pre-launch with plans to grow to 100 clients and 20,000 artists by the end of 2013.