London creative collective Vipers Nest, arranged by Samantha Horley of UK sales and finance outfit The Salt Company, has announced its second wave of participants.

The filmmaking co-operative, which launched in 2010, supports new British talent who want to make commercial films.

The Vipers Nest 2, which opened for submissions in January, comprises 22 directors, writers and producers from backgrounds in TV, shorts, music videos, commercials and documentaries.

  • Valentina Brazzini (producer)
  • Corinna Faith (writer-director)
  • Thomas Fickling (writer)
  • Tim Francis (producer)
  • Jude Goldrei (producer
  • Nick Gordon (director)
  • Kas Graham (writer)
  • Deborah Haywood (writer-director)
  • Mustapha Kseibati (director-writer)
  • Steven Lally (writer)
  • Will Lovelace & Dylan Southern (directors) (duo)
  • Robert McKillop (director)
  • Tina Pawlik (producer)
  • Jonathan Pett & Fiorella Ruas (writers) (duo)
  • Nick Scott (writer-director)
  • Mark Stay (writer)
  • Jacob Swan Hyam (producer)
  • Joy Wilkinson (writer)
  • Alex Winckler (writer-director)
  • Jacqueline Wright (director)

Horley, who launched the initiative in 2010, said: “I was thrilled to bits to see the number and level of applicants we had this time around, meaning The Vipers Nest is seen as a real opportunity to advance a film career in the UK.

“I’m so excited to put 22 talented and diverse Vipers together, not just for mutual support and inspiration, but to see some magic happen”. 

Among the first batch of Vipers were director Corin Hardy currently attached to direct The Good People, Grabbers writer Kevin Lehane and Weekend line-producer Rachel Dargavel.