The studio was not going to let leaked footage of its upcoming DC Comics adaptation spoil its Comic-Con party.

After a convention attendee posted a pirated version of the Suicide Squad footage that the studio previewed at Hall H on Saturday, Warner Bros decided to go one better and post a high-quality version.

David Ayer is currently shooting Suicide Squad, a kind of The Dirty Dozen on steroids about a crack team of ultra violent criminals dispatched to do the government’s dirty work.

The trailer was the highlight of the Warner Bros presentation on Saturday and shows Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto et al in action as the badass crew.

As Ayer himself put it during a brief, typically macho strut around the Hall H stage before he and his cast were due to return to set on Toronto: “All this good versus evil shit is played out right now. It’s time for bad versus evil.”

And bad versus evil is headed our way on August 5, 2016.