US cable network Starz is moving forward with The White Princess, the sequel to its BBC co-production The White Queen, and has begun working with writer Emma Frost on new scripts.

In October, Screen’s sister publication Broadcast revealed that the US broadcaster was planning to recommission the Company Pictures-produced period drama, despite the BBC’s decision to cancel the show.

Starz chief executive Chris Albrecht confirmed that the BBC was not involved in the sequel, which is based on Philippa Gregory’s series of books The Cousins’ War.

The White Princess is the fifth novel in the collection and tells the story of Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII.

“We’re working with Emma Frost on the stories,” Albrecht said at the Television Critics’ Association event held in the US. “We will not have BBC as part of it. We are interested, if the stars align, in a sequel to The White Queen.”

Ten-part series The White Queen debuted to more than 2.5m viewers in the US and helped the channel attract much-wanted female viewers.