EXCLUSIVE: Doc sales specialist Wide House is reporting a roaring trade on its EFM titles.

Exposed, the Beth B documentary unveiled in Panorama, has been sold in an all-rights deal to Potential Films for Australia and New Zealand. Wide Management general manager Anais Clanet revealed that UK and French deals were also imminent.

Meanwhile, Tricontinental has picked up all rights for distribution in the former Yugoslavia for intimate family memoir Elena, by Brazilian director Petra Costa.

Tropicalia by Marcelo Machado has gone to the UK, where it will be released theatrically in the spring by Mr Bongo. Wide has also sold all rights in Portugal to the company Alambique.

All Of Us Guinea-Pigs Now?, by Jean-Paul Jaud, will be released in Poland by Against Gravity and in Hungary by Anjou-Lafayette.

Wide also closed deals here for the French film Jo’s Neighborhood with Japanese distributor Epcott, and Clip to Alamode/Pierrot le fou for Germany and Austria.