The studio has confirmed plans for a follow-up to its 2012 animated hit, with a March 2018 release date booked.

Walt Disney Animation Studios has confirmed plans for a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph and given the project a March 9, 2018 release date.

Rich Moore, who directed the original film and was one of the directors of Zootopia, made the announcement on Facebook Live with actor John C Reilly, who voices the title character, and Phil Johnston, who co-scripted the original and will join Moore as director and a writer on the sequel.

Reilly said that in the sequel “Ralph leaves the arcade and wrecks the internet.”

Sarah Silverman, who also worked on the first film, was also confirmed for the sequel’s voice cast.

Released in November 2012, the Wreck-It Ralph grossed $189.4m in North America and $281.8m internationally.

Disney had earlier announced an Untitled Disney Animation for release on November 21, 2018 but the studio said the Wreck-It Ralph sequel was the new title for that project and moved the release to March 9.

As a result of that move, Gigantic, Disney’s animated take on Jack and Beanstalk, has had its release moved back from March 9, 2018 to November 21, 2018.