The National Film Boardof Canada is pumping some prize money into the Cannes' Short Film Palmed'Or.

The Canadian filmagency has created the Norman McLaren Prize, under the aegis of the Cannes FilmFestival, a Euros 3000 prize to be presented to director of the winning short.

NFB chief JacquesBensimon and Cannes director general Veronique Cayla also announced thefestival will screen restored versions of McLaren's collected works atthe 2006 event. Said Cayla, 'Each year, some fifteen films compete forthe Short Film Palme d'Or. We are delighted to pair the Norman McLarenPrize with this award in tribute to this great master of animated shorts, whois an inspiration for filmmakers around the world.' This year marks the50th anniversary of McLaren's winning the Short Palmed'Or for his film Blinkity Blank.

Apart from the cashcomponent, the prize includes an optional offer from the NFB to handleinternational distribution of the winning short film and/or co-produce orinvest in the winner's next short film.

The Norman McLarenPrize will be presented on Sunday, May 22 at 11:00 am at La Plage des Palmes inthe presence of the president and members of the Cinefondation and Short FilmJury.

Since its creation in1939, the NFB has produced over 10,000 films and won over 4,500 awards,including five Palmes d'Or and 11 Oscars.