Japanese broadcaster NHK hasinvested in its first ever Israeli film, Sweet Mud directed by DrorShaul.

Sweet Mud is set 30 years ago in a kibbutzand tells the story of a 12 year old boy, Dvir, who realizes that his mother,Miri, is mentally ill. In this closed community bound by rigid rules, Dvir navigatesbetween the kibbutz motto of equality and the stinging reality that his motherhas, in effect, been abandoned by their collective community.

Other investors include leadingGerman film fund, Filmstiftung NRW, the Israeli Film Fund, the localbroadcaster Keshet and a new Israeli company, Kolnoa Investment, which has beenlaunched by producers Marek Rozenbaum and Paris-based Edgar Tenembaum.

The film is being produced ona budget of $1.6 million, by Sharon Shamir for Sirocco, Philippa Kovarsky forCinephil, Bettina Borkemper and Joahnnes Rexin for Heimatfilm, Edgar Tenembaumfor Tu-vas-voir films with director Dror Shaul taking a producer's credit aswell.

Shaul'soriginal script was first presented at the Screenwriters and Directors Lab inSundance.