Director James Huth's BriceDe Nice has proved a breakout hit in French cinemas in its first week.

Released on Wednesday April6, the film had already wracked up 1.1m admissions by the end of the weekend,breaking records as the biggest opening day and openingweekend in France in 2005.

Brice knocked French comedy Iznogoud from the topspot and beat recent US releases this year such as Hitch, The Aviatorand Meet The Fockers.

Brice is Huth's second film, following on from 1998's SerialLover, and was written by star Jean Dujardin with Karine Angeli. In hisstand up routine ten years ago, Dujardin created the title character, a haplesssurfing enthusiast who reveres Patrick Swayze's Point Break characterand is in search of the perfect wave. However, he's looking for the wave inNice where the sea is as calm as glass.

A cult figure amongstteenagers, Brice should continue its ride as school vacations begin.