Nick Nolte, Sam Elliott andJosh Lucas have joined the cast of Ang Lee's big screen version of TheHulk which started principalphotography this week.

The film, which is scriptedby James Schamus and produced by Gale Anne Hurd, Avi Arad, Schamus and LarryFranco, stars Eric Bana as Bruce Banner whose inner demons transform him intoThe Hulk after a catastrophic experiment, and Jennifer Connelly as Betty Rosswhose scientific genius helps unleash The Hulk.

Elliott plays Betty'sfather General Ross, Lucas plays Glenn Talbot, a professional rival ofBanner's and Nolte plays a sinister figure from Banner's past whoreturns to haunt him.

Behind the camera, FredElmes who worked with Ang on The Ice Storm and Ride With The Devil is director of photography, Rick Heinrichs (PlanetOf The Apes, Fargo) is productiondesigner, Marit Allen (Ride With The Devil) is costume designer and Tim Squyres (all of Ang's films) iseditor.