Fabian Bielinsky, director of international hit NineQueens, is putting the finishing touches onthe script for his follow-up film, a psychological thriller provisionallytitled The Aura (El Aura) and setto star Ricardo Darin.

Darin (Nine Queens, Son Of The Bride) will play a taxidermist whose fantasies aboutsetting up the perfect crime come unexpectedly to life. The film is beingprepared to shoot in Argentina's Patagonia region in October on an approximate $2.8m budget.

Leading Argentine producer Patagonik Film Group, backer of NineQueens (Nueve Reinas), will officially present the projecttogether with the director next month in Cannes. Spain's Tornasol Films is likely to board as co-producer

Bielinsky calls The Aura"completely different from Nine Queens - it is a darker, more personal story, bothfor certain elements which have to do with me and because it revolves entirelyaround one character and his circumstances." The script was inspired by astory he wrote in his early twenties.

The "slightly threatening" natural setting ofPatagonia is meant to "contrast with the lead character, who is an urbantype from Buenos Aires, taken out of his natural context, which lends to theidea that he can carry out his fantasies, being in such a different place andalmost not himself," Bielinsky adds.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood remake of heist caper NineQueens, backed by Steven Soderbergh'sand George Clooney's Section Eight, is being readied for release on September10 by Warner Independent Pictures. Titled Criminal, the film stars John C. Reilly and Diego Luna andwas directed by longtime Soderbergh associate Gregory Jacobs.