The Independent Feature Project (IFP) has announced the projects which will make up this year's No Borders Co-Production Market taking place between Sept 30 and Oct 4. In addition, No Borders has struck up an arrangement with UK public funding body The Film Council which will act as a presenting partner through its New Cinema Fund, bringing affiliated UK producers to New York for the event.

The event, which takes place during the IFP Market in New York City but has its own independent selection process, was founded in 1995 as a professional meeting ground for established independent producers from around the world to present new projects to international buyers, investors and agents Previous No Borders projects which have gone on to be made include Jeremy Podeswa's The Five Senses, Nanette Burstein and Brett Morgen's On The Ropes and Ed Radtke's The Dream Catcher.

As well as The Film Council, other presenting partners include Cologne-based Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen and Telefilm Canada; support organisation also involved include ACE, Rotterdam's CineMart, The Sundance Institute and Wallonie Bruxelles Images.

Of the 35 accepted projects this year, there are 12 documentary works-in-progress, 11 US scripts and 12 international scripts (of which 11 are in English).

The projects are:

International Scripts

1 El Andarin, to be produced by Joost De Vries (Total Loss) and directed by Fernando Perez (Life Is To Whistle) is a true story set in St Louis in 1904.

2 The Crime Of A Century to be directed by Shani Grewal (Guru In 7) is a UK story set during a turbulent time in English 20th Century history.

3 Girl Talk is an East End story of teenage girl drug couriers called the Laydekillaz written by Karen Hope.

4 Headlong, is a thriller produced by Richard Johns (Shadow Of A Vampire, Downtime) and directed by Bharat Nalluri (The Crow III, Downtime).

5 The Limit is a UK thriller to be produced by Amanda Lloyd (Dad Savage).

6 The Marriage Torture Test is a romantic comedy produced by Sytze Van Der Laan (My Friend Joe) and Stuart Pollok (One Of The Hollywood Ten).

7 Moondog is a psychosexual drama to be produced by Aida Innocente (Amy, The Big Steal).

8 Moonrose is a magical story to be produced by Pandora Films CEO Reinhard Brundig (Fast Food, Fast Women, Pola X).

9 Mouth To Mouth is a European road movie funded by FilmFour and written by Alison Murray.

10 Panic Beach is a drama produced by Zephyr Films's Chris Curling and Phil Robertson (Esther Kahn, My Son The Fanatic).

11 The Rashevski Tango is a compendium of stories produced by Diana Elbaum (Thomas In Love, Lumumba).

12 Straight To Video is a thriller marking the first feature from director John Simpson.

US scripts

1 $9.99, a stop motion animation project produced by Tim Perell (Jump Tomorrow, The Opportunists) and directed by Tatia Rosenthal (Crazy Glue).

2 Black Butterflies, a medical drama produced by Nadia Leonelli (Perfume).

3 The Giggle Factor, a comedy directed by Jamie Babbit (But I'm A Cheerleader) and produced by Andrea Sperling (Cheerleader, The Doom Generation) and Jasmine Kosovic (The Adventures Of Sebastian Cole).

4 The Grass Is Greener, a fantasy comedy again produced by Tim Perell.

5 Hunting Season written and directed by Jim Frohn and produced by Sukee Chew (My First Mister).

6 My Life As A Whale, a comedy to be produced by Philippe Guez (The Luzhin Defense).

7 Maria Full Of Grace, a harrowing drama to be produced by Paul Mezey (Our Song).

8 The Mostly Unfavorable Social Life of Ethan Green, a gay comedy produced by David Rubin (I Am Sam, Happy Campers).

9 Oceanside, a murder drama from writer/director P David Ebersole (Death In Venice, CA).

10 The Other Ones, a drama from writer/director Jono Oliver which has already been through the Sundance Screenwriting and Directors Labs.

11 The Preacher's Daughter to be directed by Tasca Shadix (The Book Of Stars) is a coming of age story set in Texas.