Narrative projects from Steve Buscemi, Sexy Beast screenwriters Louis Mellis and David Scinto, and animation gurus the Brothers Quay are among 21 works in progress that will be presented at the 25th annual IFP market's No Borders International Co-Production Market this autumn.

The IFP Market, which runs in New York City from Sep 21-26, is the only selective event in the US to present in-development projects exclusively to industry professionals.

No Borders, one of several programmes that falls under its aegis, was set up in 1995 to serve as a link between producers, buyers, distributors and agents.

Since then the market-within-a-market has brought together funding bodies such as the UK Film Council and Telefilm Canada and support organisations like Ateliers du Cinema Europeen/ACE and the Sundance Institute.

"It is extremely satisfying to see with each passing year, new projects which have come together as a result of No Borders," Michelle Byrd, executive director of IFP/New York, said in a statement.

"I know we'll see our latest completed projects - Joshua Marston's Maria Full Of Grace and Rodney Evans' Brother To Brother - on the circuit early next year."

Also featuring among the line-up is new work from Pandora Film's Claudia Steffen, who co-produced this year's festival darling Whale Rider, and London's The Bureau, which produced Dagur Kari's Noi The Albino and Lynne Ramsey's Ratcatcher.

Other sections of the IFP Market, whose supporters include Screen International, are Emerging Narrative, Spotlight On Documentaries and the Film Conference & Expo.

The 21 No Borders projects:

American Seagull
Anne Chaisson and Amy Hobby (producers)
Chekhov's The Seagull re-imagined as an artist confronts his famous actress mother.

Blue Valentine
Radical Media's Jack Lechner (producer) & writer/director Derek Cianfrance
The contemporary American marriage under the spotlight.

In Between Days
Ramsey Fong (producer) & Hyoe Yamamoto (director)
Bittersweet encounter between two accidental tourists in New York.

Jersey Seoul
Scott Macaulay (producer)
Cultures collide at the wedding of a Korean immigrant and a Jewish Manhattanite

A Little Original Sin
Jennifer Romine (producer)
Tangier-set story of celebrated author Jane Bowles' turbulent romance with a local Moroccan woman.

Me And You And Everyone Else
Tommy Pallotta (producer)
Fantasy about the search for dreams in the digital age.

Off Key
Andrea Miller & Mary Salter (producers)
Coming-of-age tale about an upper middle class Hispanic boy at the time of the Iran hostage crisis.

Ann Ruark (producer), Steve Buscemi (director)
A biopic of William S Burroughs based on his novels Queer and Junky and unpublished material.

Rio Chino
Karen Chien (producer), Greg Pak (writer/director) &Jeff Lipsky (executive producer)
A Chinese gunslinger and Mexican heroine team up in the Old West.

The Tactic Toe
Emily Hubley (animator, director) & Linda Moroney (producer)
Live-action story about a woman who enters a magical world ruled by dogs.

Lemore Syvan & Marcia Kirkley (producers)
Thriller about an American journalist in Mexico whose life in endangered after she exposes the murder of a fellow reporter.


44 Inch Chest (UK)
Soledad Gatti-Pascual (producer) & Louis Mellis and David Scinto (writers/directors)
Violent drama about a man living on the edge.

Catherine (Germany)
Egoli Tossel's Jens Meurer & Karsten Stoeter (producers) & Agnieszka Holland (director)
Story of the woman who would become the tsarina of Russia.

Emotional Arithmetic (Canada)
Suzanne Girard (producer)
Three war-torn children's bonds of guilt and love

Lila Says (UK)
John Battsek (producer)
Two Parisian teens separated by their French and Arab backgrounds.

Mood Music (UK)
Lisa Marie Russo (producer)
Psychological thriller in which three strangers step out of an airport hotel into an uncertain world of masquerade and conspiracy.

Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes (UK)
The Brothers Quay & Terry Gilliam (executive producer)
Dark fairytale about a doctor who plans to turn an opera singer into a mechanical nightingale

Straightheads (UK)
Damian Jones (producer) & Dan Reed (director)
A young couple is subjected to an horrific countryside assault

Summer Of '76 (UK)
Tatiana Kennedy (producer)
The hottest London summer in 200 years is the backdrop for this love triangle involving a mother, son and a Vietnam veteran

The Trotsky (Canada)
Victoria Hirst (producer)
Chaos ensues when a high school student believes he is the reincarnation of Trotsky.

Two Bodies, Floating (UK)
Kate Ogborn (producer)
A young Russian trying to escape to Britain and a teenage runaway get stuck on an impounded freighter going nowhere.

Valley Of Flowers (Germany)
Pandora Film's Claudia Steffen (producer)
Himalayan legend of a love spanning early 19th century to modern-day Tokyo.