The British Board Of Film Classification given Gaspar Noe's Irreversible an 18 certificate, and passed it uncut for its UK theatrical release - which will be through Metro Tartan in Spring 2003..

In a statement, Metro Tartan said it was delighted to hear that the film had been passed uncut for cinema release with an 18 certificate, adding that in France the censorship body chose to give the film a 16 certificate rather than the 18 certificate which also exists there. The film has been passed uncut throughout the whole of Europe both for cinema and video release.

However, the BBFC warned that it may look at the film in a different context when it comes to releasing the film for video. According to Metro Tartan, it has already suffered major cuts on video to Catherine Breillat's A Ma Soeur this year, which was passed uncut for UK cinemas, on the grounds it could encourage paedophilia.