NonStop Entertainment has announced that it will have the first look for upcoming films on the slate of UK-based digital feature film studio Warp and the companies will look to other joint ventures.

Warp X is allied to Warp Films, the company behind This Is England and Dead Man's Shoes by Shane Meadows and Chris Cunningham's Rubber Johnny. It is now entering its fourth year of production.

NonStop are already set to distribute Warp X thrillers Donkey Punch and Hush.

Mark Herbert, Joint MD of Warp X pinpointed last year's Berlinale as the starting point for the collaboration.

'It all started atthe Berlinale a year ago, when I met up therewith the head of acquisitions at NonStop.Warp X and NonStop arefull of very like minded people. For me itis a meeting of minds as much as a business relationship.

'Now therelationship is cemented I can definitely see us moving on to production projects. Producing indie films is getting harder and harder.Non Hollywood films have to work internationally soo everybody hasto look beyond their domestic markets. If we can combine our skills it will only make the product stronger.'

Ignas Scheynius, CEO at NonStop Entertainment echoed Herbert's sentiment,

'We have a very similar profile to Warp and through the years of working together, with titles such as This is England and Donkey Punch, it has become more and more natural to create a closer co operation.

'We find Warp X to be a very exciting new venture and are delighted to be a part of their future. It is also a big thing for NonStop Entertainment as we step into the producing field'.