Film is a sequel to Norwegian hit

NonStop Sales has signed Norwegian 3D childrens’ feature Magic Silver 2 - The Quest For The Mystic Horn to Spain, Germany, Austria, Indonesia and Switzerland. Swedish Second World War action movie Beyond The Border has been sold to multiple European territories.

Magic Silver 2 has gone to Flins Y Piniculas in Spain, Eurovideo in German-speaking territories and PT Cipta Mutu Entertainment in Indonesia. The film is the 3D sequel to the successful children’s action adventure feature Magic Silver which became a big success after its premiere in Norway with over 350,000 admissions. The sequel will premiere in Norway in December.

Beyond The Border has been sold to Flins Y Piniculas in Spain, Capelight in German-speaking territories, Aya Pro in Japan and Sidonis/Megalys in France.

In addition, deals have been closed for Leningrad and the Bergman documentaries The Women And Bergman and The Men And Bergman with Vertice for Spain and for Piggies with BQHL for France.

NonStop is showing a teaser preview of Magic Silver 2 here in Cannes.