Scandinavian-based filmsales agent NonStop Sales has taken over international sales to John Sayles' SilverCity.

"We are so pleased thatNonStop is handling Silver City," the film's producer Maggie Renzi ofAnarchists' Convention told "Somehow it makes sense tolet a European company handle the sales of a film like this," she added,referring to the fact that Silver City is based on the upcoming USpresidential election.

Myriad Pictures previouslyhad international rights to the film, and has already sold it to Scandinavia,Iceland, Spain, Portugal, the former Yugoslavia, Romania, Israel and Greece.Newmarket Pictures has US rights. NonStop Sales will now handle sales of thefilm in all remaining territories.

The film officiallypremiered at the Toronto Film Festival. NonStop Entertainment is distributingthe film in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.