Nordisk Film recently bought 50% of production companySubstanz. The Copenhagen-based production company has specialized in transferringold documentary bits of Danish people's everyday lives to the DVD format. The concept hastaken off with the public, with Substanz selling 330,000 DVDs in Denmark and Norway in two years. The company isin the process of expanding their business in Sweden and Finland.

Substanz plans to also expand ito books and boardgames in the future.

With the Nordisk deal, Substanz said it would bebetter equipped to produce, distribute and market their products. In exchange, NordiskFilm gains a new arm to its DVD business and furtherdiversification of its entertainment business.

"Substanz matches the strategy of Nordic roots in NordiskFilm and they have already established their brand in all the Nordic countries.Besides this Substanz combines different medias andthereby supports the Nordisk product portfolio," says Michael Ritto, CEO of NordiskFilm.

The most successful Substanz series is Danes own stories drawing on materialfrom 450 local historic archives and dusty film clips from attics all over thecountry.