Nordisk Film Sales has taken on international sales duties for Belgian director Danny Deprez children's film Science Fiction.

The film about two kids who believe that aliens in disguise are plotting to take over the world, was written by Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem. Shot in Flemish, Science Fiction is released this week by Cinelibre in Belgium and is to be released in The Netherlands next month in a dubbed Dutch version by distributor A-Films.

It was produced on a Euros 2m budget by Van Rijckeghem's A Private View, in co-production with Man's Film, Germany's B&T Film Produktion and The Netherlands' Fu Works.

"With their excellent track record of handling children's films Nordisk is ideally placed to handle sales on Science Fiction," said co-producer San Fu Maltha of Fu Works.

"Right up until the end you cannot be sure whether the aliens are a figment of the children's imagination or are really extra terrestrials. That is something that makes it very different from many of the Scandinavian kids films we have seen", said Sanne Arloe, Nordisk sales executive. "We will open up the sales pitch at MIFED next month and hope to secure a slot in the Kinderfest section of the Berlin festival next year." The film screened at last week's Cinekid festival in The Netherlands and is scheduled to appear at Ghent.

Deprez previously wrote and directed the 1999 family film The Ball (De Bal).