Danish major Nordisk Film reveals plans for more 3D theatres and an increased focus on films aimed at local audiences

Danish major Nordisk Film has announced plans to double the number of theatres in Denmark equipped for 3D screenings (there are currently 9). The company also plans to open a six screen cinema at Næstved, outside Copenhagen, as well as negotiating a deal with Sony, to become the supplyer of Scandinavian contents for PlayStation.

Nordisk managing director Allan Mathson Hansen also revealed the company’s intention to become the market leader in the production of feature films aimed at the entire Scandinavian market, such as the Norwegian director Joachim Rønnin-Espen Sandberg’s upcoming $10.6m (NOK 63m) Kon-Tiki, about Norwegian scientist Thor Heyerdahl’s 1947 expedition to to the Polynesian Islands.

The company posted its 2009 results today, showing a profit of $72.6m (DKK397m), up from $46.3m (DKK 253m) in 2008, mainly due to its Danish theatre operation, Scandinavian film distribution and proceeds from Sony’s PlayStation in Scandinavia. Total turnover reached $606m (DKK3.6bn), against $643m (DKK3.5bn) in 2008.

In Denmark, Nordisk’s national cinema circuit of 17 theatres accounted for a record 6.2m tickets – half of the domestic ticket sales. Top scorer was the Millennium trilogy, including The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, wich was co-produced and released in Scandinavia by Nordisk, In the Nordic countries, the three films exceeded 6.5m admissions.

Commenting on the accounts, managing director Allan Mathson Hansen said it had been a ”challenging year” especially for Nordisk post-production and partner companies which came out with a loss. Still he said that the company was about to launch ”a controlled offensive”.