The new company is a joint operation with Norwegian post production company Storm Studios AS and will be based in Stockholm.

Nordisk Film and Norwegian post-production company Storm Studios AS are teaming up to launch a joint company in Sweden covering all aspects of digital post-production work on film and TV productions.
The new outfit, Nordisk Film Shortcut  AB, will be based in Stockholm and is due to be fully operational on September 19. Nordisk Film has a majority share holding in the new company.

Hans Vermeij will head up the company which will focus exclusively on digital production of features, TV productions, shorts and documentaries for the Swedish market. Analogue post production work will be carried out by Nordisk Film Shortcut in Denmark.
”The future is digital and we wish to build on our already close cooperation with Storm Studios by extending our  joint activities into the Swedish market. By combining our competencies, we have the optimal opportunity to supply the entire value chain within post-production in Sweden,” said Ulrik Rasch, managing director for Nordisk Film Shortcut.