When Ole Olsen opened Biografteatret in Copenhagen in 1905,he laid the foundation for the oldest film company in the world, Nordisk Film,which now, 100 years later, is moving into the digital age.

As the first in the country, the Nordic distribution andexhibition major will be equipping its three main sites with digitalprojectors. "It is crucial for us to be able to offer our guests the best movieexperiences," says John Toennes, CEO of Nordisk Film Biografer. "We havefollowed the development closely, and now believe that the quality of thedigital equipment surpass the traditional 35mm film format."

The company's 1,100 seat Crown Cinema Imperial inCopenhagen, which opened in 1961, as well as smaller screens in the Nordisk'sbiggest multiplexes Palads (Copenhagen) and BioCity (Aarhus), will have the newequipment installed for the Aug 20 digital premiere of I, Robot. Shrek 2 which opens on Sep 3 will also be screeneddigitally.

The equipment consists of Barco DP-100 and DP-30 DLP Cinemaprojectors as wel as EVS Cinestar Sole film servers.