Swedish CEO Jens Alex departs as Swedish activity centralised in Denmark.

In a restructuring, Nordisk Film is trimming back its Swedish branch and ending the job contract of Swedish CEO Jens Alex.

Alex had been in the position for Nordisk Film Sweden since 2008.

Of the reorganisation, the company said: “Nordisk Film has created a new structure horisontally over Scandinavia which principally means that the local leadership for sales and marketing in Sweden is linked to the central organisation in Denmark.”

Alex commented: “They want to concentrate the business to Denmark, which means that there is no more room for me. I think they are doing the wrong thing. The local market is important for the producers. Very few films travel over the borders.”

After Alex´s departure, the Swedish organisation now consists of Anders Melin and Pia Grunler, film distribution; Martin Westin, interactive/PlayStation; Lone Korslund and Rasmus Krogh, Nordic co productions and acquisitions of Nordic film rights; and general managers Kenneth Wiberg and Dennis Englund, both based in Copenhagen.