First films under the deal include The Blood Spilt, new comedy from Peter Magnusson and biopic of Monica Zetterlund.

Danish major Nordisk Film has signed an output deal with Sweden’s StellaNova Film, adding Swedish producer Lena Rehnberg’s production outfit to the Nordisk group of companies supplying outlets in the four Scandinavian countries.

First deliveriers will the Birger Larsen’s The Blood Spilt (Det blod som spills), starring Izabella Scorupco as a fiscal attorney who gets involved in a murder mystery; Swedish comedian Peter Magnusson’s follow-up on A Midsummer of Love (Sommaren med Göran); and a biopic of Swedish legendary jazz singer Monica Zetterlund.

Former head of production at Sandrew Metronome, Rehnberg started StellaNova in 2008 and produced Staffan Lindberg’s A Midsummer of Love (aka AMidsummer Night’s Party), which – with Magnusson in the lead – sold 550,000 tickets domestically, to become number 5 on the 2009 charts.

”The agreement enables us to tap into a great talent base of people with a strong filmmaking experience and a strong passion for storytelling,” explained Nordic acquisition manager Lone Korslund, of Nordisk Film, which distributed A Midsummer of Love in Scandinavia.

After Sun Storm (Solstorm), also with Scorupco, The Blood Spilt is the second screen adaption of a thriller by Swedish author Åsa Larsson, which will shoot this summer. StellaNova has optioned five of her books, two yet unwritten.

”Zetterlund had a very dramatic life both as an artist and in private,” said Rehnberg, who has asked Peter Birro to write the film about the jazz singer and actress who was killed in 2005 during a fire in her apartment. Her home city of Hagfors is planning to open a museum for her.