In its eighth year of business, the international scriptdevelopment programme, North by Northwest, has announced it most extensiveline-up yet.

Participants come from all over Europe from the UK,Scandinavia and Germany to Spain and France for their three training courses,Classics, Kids Stories and Seven Samurai.

Thanks to strong word-of-mouth from the more than 200writers and script editors who have participated in the past, the number ofapplicants has reached its highest ever.

Classics and Kids Stories each comprise three scriptdevelopment training workshops held over an eight month period, where 16projects/writers are joined by eight trainee script editors, who collaborate ondeveloping the projects.

The Seven Samurai program is integrated in the others, andits four participants learn North by Northwest's unique approach totraining through script development.

Trainee script editors in Classics:
Wilfried Depeweg (Netherlands); Gila Bergqvist-Ulfung (Sweden); Daniel CamposFabregat (Spain); Jona Finnsdóttir (Iceland); Raimo Joerand (Estonia);Marc Oberlander (Germany); Anke Scheib (Germany); Jan Strande Odegardstuen(Norway).

Writers and projects in Classics:
Mathias Calmeyer (Norway) Suicides Anonymous
Tom Cotton (England) White Rabbit
Neasa Hardiman (Ireland) The Familiar
Pippa Hinchley (England) One White Crow
Mariella Harpelunde Jensen (Denmark) Dreamcatcher
Bjørn Olaf Johannessen (Norway) The Spring Ritual
Udo Kulvinder Singh Jolly (Germany) Mixed
Susanna Laaksonen (Finland) House of Breath
Johnny O'Reilly (Ireland) Moscow Velocity
Silvia Perez de Pablos (Spain) Opera Buffa
Tania Reddin (England) The Iron Man
David Sandreuter (Scotland) Daftie
Daniel Schwarz & Kathrin Wilkes(Germany) Love It or Leave It
Astrid Stroher (Germany) Nowhere Here
Tove Cecilie Sverdrup & Marit Haug (Norway) The Midnight Sun
Patrice Toye (Belgium) State of Grace

Trainee script editors in Kids Stories:
Julie Everton (England); Heleen Groenendijk (Netherlands); Pavel Jech (CzechRepublic); Sigurd Mikal Karoliussen (Norway); Sorcha Loughnane (Ireland);Grainne McNamara (Ireland); Fay Selby (Scotland); Piret Tibbo-Hudgins(Estonia).

Writers and projects in Kids Stories:
Jose Alders (Netherlands) Hoda's World
Deborah Charles (England) In thePinks
Benedikt Erlingsson (Iceland/Denmark) True Story
Eckart Fingberg (Germany) Jasper, the Movie
Samantha Joy Firth (England) Open Water
Mohammad Ghamari (Sweden) In the Shadow of a Tango
Hanna Kirjaveinen (Finland) Mikko and Pipe Trouble
Ari Kristinsson (Iceland) No Network
Anne Learmont (Ireland) Pipe Dreams
Susanne Marco & Susan Taslimi (Sweden) Paper Flowers
Pierre Mathiote (France) Sokol
Dirk Nielandt (Belgium) A Hatful of Animals
Øyvind Sandberg (Norway) Untitled
Richard Simpson (England) Olé
Dan Wicksman & Nuria G Wicksman (England) G'Waba Girls
Sean Wood (England) Tweak

Trainee tutors in Seven Samurai:
Javier Gancedo (Spain); Rhea Leman (Denmark); Mark McIlrath (Northern Ireland);Jane Williams (Netherlands)
North by Northwest operates with the support of the MEDIA Plus Programme of theEuropean Commission and in partnership with: Danish Film Institute; Dutch FilmFund; FÁS Screen Training Ireland; Film Fund Hamburg; Finnish FilmFoundation; Flemish Audiovisual Fund; Icelandic Film Centre; Irish Film Board;Norwegian Film Development; The Script Factory; Swedish Film Institute; UK FilmCouncil; and UIP.