UK regional screen agency Northwest Vision + Media is starting a new multi-platform lab for content producers.

The linked training and funding initiative Alchemy, set up with consultants Olsberg SPI, will include a residential strategy workshop, a product development period and a networking event.

The lab is geared to TV, Internet, mobile and other digital media producers in the Northwest of England. Sixteen producers will be selected for the programme, and those who complete Alchemy will be eligible to apply for the agency's Product Development Fund.

'We'll be introducing participants to a whole new way of working collaboratively, which is what the future is all about,' said Chris Moll, head of funds for Northwest Vision + Media.'The Alchemy Lab is designed to empower them to take advantage of new opportunities for content, and to meet growing demand for links to and between multi-platform outlets - whether that be on TV, on the internet, on mobile phones or any other media outlet.'

Advisors for Alchemy include Channel 4's Adam Gee, Olswang's Jacqueline Hurt, and Blitz Games' Mary Matthew.

Application information can be found at