Norway is set to join the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.

It will become the 40th country to adjust to the European Council’s regulations for financing European co-productions.

In a ”letter of commitment”, the Norwegian Culture and Church Ministry confirmed to Oslo’s 4½ Productions it will join the convention before it starts shooting Marius Holst’s King of Bastøy (Kongen Af Bastøy) this autumn.

The $7.4m (NOK 48m) feature has received $2.5m (NOK 16m) Norwegian state funding. Producer Karin Julsrud says that negotiations with potential partners French, Swedish and Polish were delayed because Norway is not part of the convention.

”The ministry’s guarantee was crucial for us to get the 10% French financing in place,” explained Julsrud, who will present the project at Cannes.

Norwegian Film Institute chief executive Nina Refseth added: “For Norwegian filmmakers, the endorsement of the convention will be an opening to the international markets. It will be much simpler for them to co-produce with other countries, but also much simpler for foreign producers to co-produce with Norway.”