The first all-digital multiplex in the Nordic countries has been opened in Norway by Oslo Municipal Cinemas.

The multiplex is called the Ringen, and is situated in the Grunerlokka borough of Oslo.

'The new theatre is a milestone on the way into a new technological era, and a considerable addition to the capacity of the Oslo circuit,' said managing director Lene Loken, of Norwegian cinema association, Film & Kino.

The Ringen houses six auditoria, with a total of 925 seats. Both pictures and sound are transferred digitally. Half of the screening rooms are equipped for digital 3D.

The Ringen is operated as a public service by Oslo Municipal Cinemas as

are the majority of Norway's theatres.

Film & Kino has started preparations for the transition from analogue to digital. It regards the switchover as not only as a new method of projecting films, but also one that requires different distribution patterns.

The association gathered 70 exhibitors at Lillehammer for its first seminar on the digital future, and will continue discussions with local cinemas next year.

Meanwhile, Swedish cinema and entertainment organisation, Folkets Hus och Parker, will introduce digital 3D in Sweden this week.

Sweden 's first digital 3D screening will be the concert movie, U2 3D, to 5.1 surround sound at theatres in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö on November 28.