While everyone's money was on local low-budget digital feature Buddy, Buena Vista's blockbuster Pirates Of The Caribbean raced past Morten Tyldum's romantic feature over the weekend at the Norwegian box-office.

Buddy received rave reviews when it had its premiere at the Norwegian International Film Festival and local media have hyped the film so much it might have backfired.

However, the film still performed very well with a 639 admissions screen average on its high 53 prints. But it was no match for Pirates' 1,144 average admissions from 55 prints, although it should perform well in the weeks to come.

Overall this weekend was up by 5,221 (NOK1.153.411) admissions from last year. As expected Magnus Martens' other local crowd-pleaser United dropped to third, but still pulled in another 12,582 for a total of 53,645 admissions in one and a half weeks.