Despite a number of new releases, the top five spots of the Norwegian chart remained unchanged with The Last Samurai in front of Petter Naess' Just Bea.

However, the latter dropped only 5% and performed almost as well, despite the limiting 15 label it received from local censors. Julia Roberts' considerable charm wasn't quite enough to ensure Mona Lisa Smile a good opening on its 23 prints, which only amounted to a seventh spot, but it did better than Jim Sheridan's In America on 11th, Kevin Costner's Open Range on 13th and the animated Belleville Rendez Vous on 15th.

Oro Film's re-release of Roy Andersson's classic A Swedish Love Story from 1970 actually had a better screen average than Mona Lisa Smile, but its just three prints were only enough for a 17th position on the chart.