Norwegian director Eva Sorhaug is working on her feature debut, the $2.3m (Euros 1.8m) Lunch.

The film, scripted by Per Schreiner, who won an Amanda, the local Oscar, for The Bothersome Man has the backing of the Norwegian Film Fund which will pick up $1.5m (Euros 1.1m) of the budget.

Lunch, which will be produced by Hakon Overas and Agot Skeldal for 4 ' Productions, interweaves several plots which follows the soiling of a jacket by a seagull.

"I hope that everybody who ever dreamt of selling the apartment andsailing around the world will shape a direct course for the sea whenthey have seen the film," said Sorhaug, who has worked on commercialsand for television, besides directing a dozen shorts, some penned bySchreiner.

"It is a very special project with an exciting combination of creative efforts before and behind the samera," explained the film fund's commissioning editor Ivar Kohn.Awarded the Ibsen Prize (2004) and Prix Europa (2005) for his radioplays, Schreiner has three times been represented in Cannes by hisshort films (Natural Glasses, Shut The Door) and The Bothersome Man, all directed by with Jens Lien.

Lunch is scheduled for a Feb 8, 2008 domestic release by Nordisk Film.