The Norwegian Film Fund has invested in two new feature films, the Norwegian Play and Scottish/Norwegian The Bum's Rush, with $276,000 (NKR2m) and $317,000 (NKR2.3m) respectively.

John Sullivan wrote and directed the $468,000 Play for Dinamo Story and producers Tomas Backstrom, Tom Remlov and Gard A. Andreassen. It tells the story of a group of actor graduates, who spend a weekend at a remote farm outside Oslo one last time before splitting up. The shoot went on this summer with eight graduates from the acting school playing themselves and improvising from the director's script, which didn't have dialogue. The film will be released next summer.

The Bum's Rush is a black comedy set in the Scottish highlands, where three friends accidentally find gold. The discovery however turns out to be a nightmare and not their dream come true. The Scottish-Norwegian director Steward Svaasand describes the film as a Scottish-Norwegian answer to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The $3.8m film is produced by Anne Batz for Hero Film Production with Norway's Orjan Karlsen of Motlys AS acting as co-producer. Postproduction will be handled in Oslo and the film is expected to be released late 2003.