Norway’s Storm Studios will co-produce Chopin, a $6.6m (NOK 43m) fully-animated feature from UK’s BreakThru Films, which will be released for composer’s 200th anniversary in 2010.

The Norwegian Film Institute has supported the project with $300,000 (NOK 2m).

The two companies have previously collaborated on Norwegian director Christopher Nielsen’s Free Jimmy (Slipp Jimmy Fri) and UK director Suzie Templeton’s Peter & The Wolf, which won an Oscar for Best Animated Short in 2008. Kristin Hellebust will handle the Norwegian side of the production, includng art direction, character design and CDI effects.

The 85-minute movie follows a magical journey across Europe through the eyes of a young girl, ”following the  wonder and passion of Chopin’s life and music on the way to London”.

The film institute has also allocated funding for another four co-productions with Norwegian partners, including $200,000 (NOK 1.5m) for Swedish director Peter Dalle’s Waves from Home, which will be produced by Patrick Ryborn for Sweden’s Fladen Film with Norway’s Maipo film- & TV-produksjon.

Filmkameratene received a similar amount for Simon and The Oaks (Simon Och Ekarna), which Christer Nilsson is proudcing for Sweden’s Göta Film. Nilsson is currently looking for a new director after Björn Runge left the project last month, as reported on ScreenDaily.

Filmhuset Produksjoner has received $138,000 (NOK 900,000) to join Icelandic director Fridrik Thór Fridriksson’s Mama Gogo. Fridriksson has also scripted the film, which follows a film director during his mother’s struggle with Alzheimers, and he is producing for Hughrif-Spellbound.

The insitute has also given $123,000 to Danish director Louise Friedberg’s debut film, With the Best Intentions (I Den Bedste Mening). SF Norge will co-produce with Signe Leick Jensen for Denmark’s Nimbus Film.