With a substantial $1.2m (NOK 7.5m) backing, the NorwegianFilm Fund has put the first Norwegian-Pakistani action movie on the fast trackfor veteran producer John M. Jacobsen's Filmkameratene.

Izzat is the featuredebut of Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen, who wrote the script with Leon Bashir. The Goodfellas-like story follows Wasim and his youth gang years inthe 80s to his young adult years in the 90s.

"It is a kind of film which we haven't seen inNorway before," film commissioner and author Erland Loe explained toexplain his support. "It is not about colourful communities or contrivedproblems surrounding arranged marriages, but deals with the double standards inthe tough Pakistani gang environment in Norway."

He added: "The script is elegant and precise, and thefilmmaker wants more than just to entertain. He has one foot in each camp, andknows what he is talking about, so he can kick in both directions withcredibility. Genre-wise Izzat is pure mob-pastiche and borrows a lot fromMartin Scorsese."

Director Rolfsen has previously made short films andcommercials, but has allied himself with the country's most commerciallysuccessful producer, veteran John M. Jacobsen. The $2.7m Izzat will be released in Sep 2005 by Columbia Tristar /Nordisk Film.