Spanish distributor NotroFilms has picked up local rights to Argentinean feature On Probation ahead of its European premiere at the 9th annualSpanish Film Festival of Malaga (March 17-25).

The film (Tiempo De Valientes) will inaugurate Malaga's newly created Latin American cinema competition, Territorio Latinoamericano.

Damian Szifron directed theaction comedy starring Diego Peretti as apsychoanalyst pulled in by a depressed police inspector (Luis Luque) to help investigate a crime.

On Probation is a production by Oscar Kramer and Hugo Sigman for Shok Films Argentinaand was the fourth top grossing local film in Argentina last year. It was released by 20th CenturyFox.

Peretti previously starred in Argentinean film It's Not You, It's Me(Nos Sos Vos, Soy Yo), which Notro successfully distributed in Spain as well as picking up international rights to.