The Cannes Market had increased attendance this year up 2% over last year with a significant jump in the number of countries represented. There were 101 countries at the market as compared to 92 in 2007.

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New faces came from Algeria, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Jordan, Macedonia and Palestine. Seventy more screenings were held this year as compared to last for a record of 1,604 with 36% being shown digitally.

Despite the dollar's miserable state and the disappearance of certain buyers, the US was still the most represented with 18% of the market's participants hailing from the States. After that came France with 13%, 12% from the UK and 5% from Germany.

Most notably ramping up their presence were Columbia up 118%, Russia up 62%, Ukraine up 39% and the UAE up 38%. In terms of what kind of folks attendant, 40% were production companies while 18% were theatrical distributors. IN total 5,613 films were proffered - most of them from the US followed by France, the UK and Canada.

Dramas were 35% of the fare, 11% comedies, 10% thrillers and 10% documentaries.