Montxo Armendariz's Obaba andFernando Leon's Princesses are thefrontrunners in the nominations for the 20th anniversary edition of Spain's Oscar-equivalent Goya Awards, which willtake place January 29.

Obaba, aBasque Country-set adaptation of an award-winning novel, earned 10 nominationsincluding in the best film and director categories. The movie is Spain's nomination to the foreign-language Oscar andinaugurated the Donostia-San Sebastian InternationalFilm Festival in September.

Leon'sSundance-bound Princesses (Princesas), with a total nine nominations, garneredbest film and original script nods but was overlooked in the director category.Leon's lasteffort, Mondays InThe Sun (Los Lunes Al Sol), dominated the Goyas in 2003, winning five statues including best film anddirector.

Competing with Obaba in both thebest film and director categories this year are Alberto Rodriguez's teenagetale 7 Virgins (7 Virgenes),which has six nominations, and Isabel Coixet'sEnglish-language The Secret Life Of Words,starring Tim Robbins and Sarah Polley and produced bythe Almodovar brothers, with a total fivenominations. Benito Zambrano is the fourth bestdirector nominee for his Cuba-set Habana Blues.

Competing with 7Virgins, Secret Life and Princessesin the best original script category is romantic drama Other Days Will Come (Otros Dias Vendran), from director EduardCortes and co-writer Piti Espanol.In the adapted script category are Obaba, Roberto Santiago's comedic box office hit The World's Longest Penalty (El Penalti Mas Largo Del Mundo) and two theatre adaptations, Jose Luis Garci's Ninette andMarcelo Pineyro's TheGronholm Conspiracy, the latter co-written withMateo Gil.

Ninette wasanother multiple nominee, withseven nods. Director Jaime Chavarri's flamenco biopic Cameron had six nominations, including for Oscar Jaenada as best actor. Jaenadacompetes in that category with Manuel Alexandre (Elsa & Fred), EduardFernandez (Gronholm) and Juan Jose Ballesta(7 Virgins). Best actress nominees includeAdriana Ozores (Heroine),Candela Pena (Princesses), Emma Vilarasau (Something To Remember Me By) and Nathalie Poza(Hard Times).

Best new director kudos went to Jose Corbacho andJuan Cruz for top Malaga Film Festival prize-winner Tapas, GuillemMorales for The Uninvited Guest (El HabitanteIncierto), Asier Altuna and Telmo Esnal for San Sebastianscreener Aupa Etxebeste,and Santiago Tabernero for Life & Color (Vida Y Color).

Among the best supporting actor and actress nominees are CarmeloGomez (Gronholm),Javier Camara (SecretLife), Fernando Guillen (Other Days), Enrique Villen (Ninette),Elvira Minguez (Tapas), PilarLopez de Ayala (Obaba),Veronica Sanchez (Camaron)and Marta Etura (SomethingTo Remember).

Best new actor and actress nominees include: Alex Gonzalez (Round Two), Luis Callejo(Princesses), Pablo Echarri (Gronholm), Jesus Carroza (7 Virgins), Barbara Lennie(Obaba),Isabel Ampudia (15Days With You), Micaela Nevares (Princesses)and Alba Rodriguez (7 Virgins).

Only two films will compete for best animated feature: Midsummer Dream (El SuenoDe Una Noche De San Juan) and Gisaku. The documentarycompetitors include Filmmakers Against Magnates (Cineastas ContraMagnates), Iberia, 13 Among A Thousand (13 Entre Mil) and 20 Years Is Nothing (20 AnosNo Es Nada).

In the two foreign film categories, best European filmnominations went to Germany's Downfall, Fernando Meirelles'The Constant Gardener, French hit The Choir Boys (Les Choristes)and Woody Allen's Match Point. Bestforeign Spanish-language film nods were for AlmaMater, Blessed By Fire (Iluminados Por El Fuego), My Best Friend (Mi MejorAmigo) and Rosario Tijeras.