Ocean'sTwelve opened inanother 22 territories in its second week on international release, helping itsteal pole position from The Incredibles.

StevenSoderbergh's film is now playing in 27 territories and claimed number ones inmost new territories for a $28.9m weekend. The original film grossed $267.3mfrom international markets, 59% of the worldwide total.

Anexception to the Ocean's Twelve number one debut track record was Italy.Local comedies Tu La Conosci Claudia' and Christmas In Love bothsaw strong launches taking second and third positions in Italy ahead of Ocean'sTwelve's fourth place.

Numberone, however, was Shrek 2 making its final international territoryopening with $4.1m. It has now passed the $450m mark in international markets.

Tu LaConosci Claudia'stars local comedians Aldo, Giacomo and Giovanni whose previous Christmas hitsin Italy include The Legend Of Al, John and Jack (2002) and Ask Me IfI'm Happy (2000). Legend grossed $29.5m (Euro 22.3m) from 3.6million admissions. Ask Me took $37.7m (Euro 28.5m) from 4.96 millionadmissions.

Onceagain directed by Neri Parenti, the 'Christmas' titles have proven a holidaymainstay over the past four years. In 2001 Merry Christmas sold 2.5million tickets, followed in 2002 by the series juggernaut Christmas On TheNile (4.6m) and then last year's Christmas In India (3.1m).

MeanwhileUIP had a good weekend with its day-and-date launches of Lemony Snicket's ASeries Of Unfortunate Events in Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and the UKgiving the dark-edged family film the highest entry of the week.

The UKand New Zealand both awarded the Jim Carrey with number ones although it had tosettle for a second place in Australia behind Ocean's Twelve's secondweek despite seeing stronger a screen average from its fewer screens.

Thedistributor also saw a Japanese launch for The Terminal ($3.76m) rocketthe Steven Spielberg film back into the top ten, helping it past the $100minternational mark in the process. The film played second in Japan behind the unstoppableHayao Miyazaki hit Howl's Moving Castle which is also nearing $100minternationally thanks solely to its home-run.

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The international table is compiled each week by LeonardKlady for Screen International.