Odd Lot Entertainment, theproduction and finance company run by Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Prete, hasformed a US distribution company to be called Odd Lot Releasing.

The first film to be handledby the division will be Odd Lot's Green Street Hooligans, formerly known as Hooligans, which stars Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunnam and ClaireForlani and is directed by Lexi Alexander.

UIP will release the film asGreen Street in the UK on Sept 9on the same day as Odd Lot Releasing opens it in New York, Chicago and LosAngeles, expaning to other major US markets in the following weeks.

Beyond The Box, themarketing company headed by Paula Silver, will consult on the release of thefilm; booking and collection services will be handled by Freestyle Releasing'sMichael Doban and Mark Borde.

Odd Lot plans to releasemore of its own projects through the new division and will also considerhandling outside projects in the future.

"In the past few years wehave observed a tremendous void in distribution for independent, mid-sizedcommercial films and decided that a distribution arm was a natural outgrowthfor our company," said Del Prete in a statement.

"When analyzing themarketing and release plans of several companies interested in Green StreetHooligans, we realized they were allfocused on the traditional art-house platform release but we knew withcertainty that our film appeals to a broader audience and needed appropriatecommercial marketing," added Pritzker.

Odd Lot recently announced ajoint venture with Ashok Amritraj's Hyde Park Entertainment which willco-produce several films over the next 18 months. The first title under thedeal is the erotic thriller Trap For Cinderella which will be directed by Iain Softley.

Odd Lot is also preparing TheGirls' Guide To Hunting And Fishing fromwriter/director Marc Klein to star Sarah Michelle Gellar. Warner IndependentPictures is distributing the film.