The Odeon and UCI group has added 19 new screens in preparation for the opening of Bolt 3D on February 6. Another 11 will be added in March of this year in time for the release of Monsters Vs Aliens.

The digital expansion will see the Odeon Group with 53 3D screens in 49 different UK locations.

In 2006 and 2007 the group launched Europe's first 'digiplexes' as test sites at ODEON Hatfield and ODEON Surrey Quays. The ODEON UCI Cinema Group's digital rollout which began before Christmas will continue into early 2009 in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany & Austria.

REAL D will continue to partner with ODEON & UCI to provide the 3D technology for the upgraded screens.

ODEON recently announced the arrival of Europe's first IMAX Digital screens at Greenwich and Wimbledon, London, UK. In addition, the company has over 50 other (non-DCI compliant) digital screens offering non-film programming such as sport and music events, as well as digital advertising and conferencing opportunities.

Drew Kaza, executive vice president of digital development for ODEON and UCI Cinemas, said ' This is the next important step as we accelerate our moves into digital in 2009. We have more 100-percent 'digiplexes' on the way and we are delighted to have several of the major studios supporting us on this.'